Welcome to QualSun Technologies

QualSun Technologies is a global outsourcing partner and service provider of mechanical engineering design solutions & manufacturing products delivery in a product lifecycle passport system.

QualSun Technologies is established with more than 20 years of experience in Design & Manufacturing of Consumer appliances, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense parts, Supply chain & Contract management solutions to provide consistent technological service with adopting value engineering solutions & introducing ECO friendly with biodegradable produced products in Indian market.

QualSun Technologies analyze customer specific requirements from concept development to prototype & serial production parts with establishing optimum cycle times, Quick turn around times & customer expected competitive product costs with quality standards in commercial Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial and Government accessary domain areas.

QualSun Technologies services are outlined below with the following customer expected scope of works based on team core competencies available and will be expanded further.

●     Build to Print - Prototype & Serial Production
●     Jigs & Fixtures Design & Manufacturing
●     Press Tools Design & Manufacturing
●     Plastic Part Moulds & Die Casting Dies Design & Manufacturing
●     Mechanical Parts Design & Manufacturing
●     Reverse & Value Engineering
●     Research & Development of Products on Natural science & other engineering