Build to Print


It's becoming ever harder for many businesses to perform every activity and process within their facility walls, and 90% of all manufacturing companies are switching over to outsourcing to better use their resources. Outsourcing allows customers to operate more streamlined operations, while allowing them to focus on their core business strengths. The new, leaner transformed businesses that arise from this strategy are more cost-effective and viable, tending to be better equipped to compete in today's market.

QualSun Technologies team study the customer Build to print scope of work and is capable of performing below services in delivering the final mechanical products and with optimizing cycle times with better productivity.

● Inputs - Tool Design Requests
● Study dimensional tolerances, geometry symbols and surface finishes
● Identify part locations, orientations, clamping locations
● Analyze 3-2-1 principles in tooling development
● Analyze clamping loads requirements thru hand calculations
● Clamping - Manual, Pneumatic & Hydraulic
● Adopt quick change over time concepts for optimum tool changing time
● Adopt new technologies in increasing productivity & use of standards parts
● Adopt quick cutter setting methodologies
● Adopt ergonomics techniques for operator convenience
● Tool Design Review
● Tool Design Release for manufacturing
● Plan for material procurement
● Manufacture detail parts
● Assemble Tools
● Perform Tool inspection
● Produce sample parts for tool tryout
● Perform tool modifications - if required
● Handover (Deliver) tools to production