Moulds Design & Mfg

Design of moulds and dies are developed based on the part geometry with selection of core & cavities, side core and parting line selection strategies. Moulds shall be designed based on material shrinkage factors to get desired accuracies. Mold flow analysis shall be carried to identify the process flow defects and necessary corrective action will be implemented in design & development stages.

QualSun Technologies team study the customer expected scope of work, expectations and is capable of performing below services in delivering the final mechanical products to customers in parts design & manufacturing domain areas.

● Inputs - Product 3D model & 2D drawing
● Study dimensional tolerances, geometry symbols and surface finishes according to the application
● Identify core & cavities
● Identify side core blocks
● Apply draft angles towards ejection
● Develop mould cooling flow lines
● Design runner and gate (feeder)
● Analyze clamping loads requirements thru hand calculations
● Clamping - Manual, Pneumatic & Hydraulic
● Adopt quick change over time concepts for optimum tool changing time
● Adopt new technologies in increasing productivity & use of standards parts
● Adopt ergonomics techniques for operator convenience
● Mould Design Review
● Mold Design Release for manufacturing
● Plan for material procurement
● Manufacture detail parts
● Assemble Moulds & Perform Mold inspection
● Produce sample parts for mould tryout
● Evaluate defects if any
● Perform Mould modifications - if required
● Handover (Deliver) Moulds to production