QualSun Technologies is capable of performing Reverse-engineering scope of works to create detail drawings from physical parts. Reverse engineering processes involve scanning of the physical part into point clouds and then the help of a CAD application, surfaces got generated and further model shall fine tuned with standard features such as cylinders, blocks and holes etc. And further detail drawings shall be developed to create manufacturing drawings for releasing manufacturing.

QualSun Technologies can utilize hi-end CAD/CAM packages made for reverse engineering process flow and our typical Reverse Engineering process flows for your ref.


QualSun Technologies is capable of performing Value engineering scope of works to identify Non value added part features and shall plan to reduce or eliminate non value added features with alternate design optimization. Revised designs shall go thru the product design development passport cycle for design & manufacturing release process.

QualSun Technologies team shall brainstorm below process flow questionnaires to segregate value add & non value added features and develop alternate design concepts in meeting the desired customer expectations.